Coming March 2020

Fairview Chronicles: A Wayward Proposition is being published by Madville Publishing and will release to all major outlets in March of 2020.



The Fairview Chronicles series consists of six novels that follow the exploits of Randall Covington, an overzealous and disgraced history professor looking for redemption. He goes to find redemption in the mystical town of Fairview where he is met with otherworldly forces that seek to drive him to madness. Fairview Chronicles will begin with volume one, A Wayward Proposition, in the Spring of 2020. The series will continue with an additional five volumes, which will be supported with a collection of short stories from the same universe titled Night Fables.


Fairview Chronicles is being developed into feature length television series through the production company Datalus Pictures LLC. Series creator Johnathan Paul is acting as Showrunner for the series. More information on the television series and upcoming feature film productions will be shared here on the official website, as well as the official social media channels.