Johnathan Paul and Andrew Dunn have been collaborating on comics, video games, and films for nearly fifteen years. Everything started when they met in a art class at the University of North Texas. At first the two didn’t like each other at all, they saw each other as rivals. It wasn’t long before their love of art and storytelling won out and they have been creating expansive worlds ever since.


About the Author

Johnathan Paul is an award-winning Texas filmmaker, screenwriter and artist. His work as a freelance illustrator and concept artist led him to experimental film, 3D Animation, and documentary film making. Johnathan wrote the first story set in the fictional town of Fairview in 1998 and has quietly expanded that world ever since. Fairview Chronicles is the first of many titles set in this fantastic universe filled with mystical horrors and fanciful dreams. He is a Professor at the University of North Texas where he teaches film production, visual effects and screenwriting. He also has a long history as a journalist and op-ed writer, having written for various film industry outlets. Among his greatest influences are Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, J.R.R. Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft, Terry Gilliam, and David Lynch.


About the Illustrator

Andrew Dunn is an award-winning art director, illustrator, and graphic designer. His work as a comic illustrator and concept artist led him to connecting with Johnathan Paul while in college. From that point on, Andrew has worked as the art director for many films and as the lead artist on Fairview Chronicles since 2007. His draftsmanship has grown through the years and has been influences by artists such as Kenneth Rocafort, Greg Capullo, and Fiona Staples among others.